Dubai Metro

Nol Blue Card

A secure, personal card for frequent travellers

  • Receive SMS notifications related to confirmation of services and/or required instructions. (soon)
  • More features such as loyalty points program, auto top up facility.
  • Secure online services for top-up credit, viewing full transaction history and report a lost or stolen card.
  • Has an e-purse, which deducts the correct fare automatically.
  • Personalised card with the user’s photo. discounts for students, senior citizens and people with disabilities.*
  • Holds up to AED 5000 worth of credit and is valid for 5 years.
  • Personalised card with the user’s photo.
  • Enjoy the facility to register online and will be delivered within 10 working days.
Price 70 AED  |  Credit 20 AED
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